Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is at it again.  Three weeks ago, or so, saw one of the members defect in disagreement with the direction the organization was taking (link).  This week there is news that one of these upstanding gentlemen,  James “Jay” Schiliro mayor of  Marcus Hook, has been brought up on charges including official oppression, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, recklessly endangering another person and providing alcohol to a minor (link).

Seems the good mayor contacted a juvenile male by text then had a Marcus Hook police officer pick the boy up and deliver him to the mayors house. The mayor then gave the young man three glasses of what the victim believed to be wine. During this time Schiliro brandished a number of  handguns and even threatened suicide.  The young man told authorities he felt like a hostage and feared for his life. At some point the mayor discharged one of the firearms into the floor of the home.  There were also requests for oral sex from the mayor to the under aged youth and the behaviors described were the result of the young man’s refusal.

Mayor Against Illegal Guns Jay Schiliro

Mayor Schiliro blames the episode on alcohol and say that he will be seeking treatment.  If he is convicted he will join  fellow MAIG members Shiela Dixon, Eddie Perez, Gary Becker, April Almon, Kwame Kilpatrick, David Delle Donna, Frank Melton, Samuel Rivera, Will Wynn, Jeremiah Healy, and Larry Langford in the felony club.

I wonder how many of the anti-gun folks supporting groups like MAIG do so because they assume everyone has as little self-control as they themselves do.