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As I have said before, I started this blog as a way to share what I believe is critical information regarding the direction my country (the USA) is headed.  It quickly morphed into an outlet for me to vent my frustration regarding that direction and the morons heading us there. As such, it has been valuable at keeping my blood pressure at an almost reasonable level. It has also taken time away from other things that I want to spend time on and, to be honest, some things I need to spend time on.    

I will still be blogging here occasionally but I have also started a new blog, “Shooting The Bull.” Shooting the Bull will be focused on Guns, Hunting, Being Prepared and other fun stuff with a little, tiny bit of politics thrown in. I decided to move back to Blogger as the platform.  Although I still have issues with Google’s politics, business model and relationship with the NSA’s efforts to spy on American citizens I do like the simplicity of the platform and the integration with Google+ and YouTube.  That gives me the ability to post links and news items quickly on the Google+ side (https://plus.google.com/+ShootinthebullBlogspottx) and use the blog for longer, original content.  It also seems to provide a much better mechanism for generating additional traffic and discussions.  The YouTube integration doesn’t do much for me at this point but I hope to be able to make use of it in the future. If all goes well I may even add a podcast!


There will be a few cross posts when the subjects line up but for the most part this blog will be pretty quiet.  

God bless


Over 30,000 Guns Classified as “Assault Weapons” by State of Connecticut Registered Ahead of Deadline

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From Sheeple: People Unable To Think for Themselves comes a post about the number of firearms register in Connecticut  with their new draconian gun laws:

Over 30,000 Guns Classified as “Assault Weapons” by State of Connecticut Registered Ahead of Deadline.

The one thing none of the mainstream media posts seems to catch is that back in the spring when these laws were being debated the estimates of the number of firearms that would need to be registered was around 250,000.   So, it would seem a few “assault weapons are missing from the registration…



Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Tony Mack Trial Starts

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The trial of  Trenton, NJ mayor Tony Mack, began on Monday (1/6/13).  The “good” mayor is charged with one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count of attempting the obstruction of justice by extortion, one count of accepting bribes and three counts of fraud.  The charges are related to a 2010 bribery scheme in which $119,000 was offered in exchange for Mayor Mack’s help in the development of an automated parking garage on city-owned land.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns member Mayor Tony Mack

Although Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has taken his name off the member list on their website, he was listed prominently before his arrest and indictment.  Michael Bloomberg’s pet project to promote the disarmament of the common citizens of the US must be paying a bit more attention to their image now that the little fascist is no longer Prince of New York.

Once again, we see where this organization should change its name to Illegal Mayors Against Guns.


Conscience Over Profit: DesertTech

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Utah based gun maker, DesertTech, is in the news this week because they chose not to follow up on an opportunity to sell precision rifles to the government of Pakistan.

DTA SRS-A1 Rifle Chassis

The company was notified that they had made the short list on the deal but company leadership made the decision to withdraw from consideration.  With the current political and religious unrest in Pakistan and their links to Al Qaeda and the Taliban the company decided that it was against their founding goals of helping keep the US and our allies safe. This must have been a pretty tough decision considering the deal they turned down could add up to around $15 million…

Sales Manager Mike Davis put it this way:

“As a business owner you always want to be successful, but I think ethically and morally you want to go about it the right way and stick behind your founding principles.”

Kudos to the guys at DesertTech.  Too bad our own government lacks this level of moral commitment.


Calls For Communism From Rolling Stone

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The mainstream media has an admitted and unabashed leftist bias.  So much so that a recent Rolling Stone article (odd to think that Rolling Stone is now mainstream) Occupy Wall-streeter, JESSE A. MYERSON, has called for the US to convert to communism…

I kid you not…

Here are his Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For:

  1. Guaranteed work for everyone and at a living wage
  2. Universal basic income even if you don’t care to work
  3. Eliminate private ownership of land
  4. Heck, eliminate all private ownership of anything
  5. Government run banks

No, I am not making this up or exaggerating.  Here’s the link: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/five-economic-reforms-millennials-should-be-fighting-for-20140103

Basically every key part of the Communist agenda, except the call to abolish religion.  We have seen communism fail repeatedly all across the globe. So, why does he think it will be different this time? Well, because they did it wrong… and it will be different this time, because…well…because.  So, shut up you greedy capitalist pigs!  Gulags were nothing compared to global warming!

The Federalist had a pretty humorous response to the little twit.  I encourage you to check it out here: http://thefederalist.com/2014/01/06/sorry-comrade-didnt-just-discover-secret-making-communism-work/

I just don’t understand it.  If you want to live under communism so badly there are perfectly good places to go and “enjoy it” all over the world.  Plenty of “comrades” there would gladly give up body parts to trade places with you.  So why not just go?  There is a perfectly beautiful workers paradise only 80 miles off the southern shore.  Please feel free to take yourselves there.  Many Cubans have made the trip out in tiny rafts, of course many died trying too.

America is a Constitutional republic founded on Capitalism and individual liberty.  If you don’t like that, then get F*$k out!


It’s A Record! For Gun Sales

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The FBI has released the NICS check numbers for December 2013 and it was the second busiest December ever with 2.04 million checks. That brings the yearly total to 21.1 million NICs check which is a new record. Not only is is a new record but it shattered the previous high for background checks by over 1.5 million!

I was pretty sure we would see over 20 million for the year but over 21 million is an amazing number. That’s more than enough guns to equip every member of the world’s 20 largest militaries (not armies, militaries) with a new firearm and have a few extras left over.


Disclaimer: the number of NICs checks does not directly correlate with the total number of guns sold in the US. Only one NICS check is required if multiple guns are purchased at the same time. Some states like Colorado and Pennsylvania maintain their own version of the Federal NICS system so purchases in those states are not reflected. Many states, such as Texas, don’t require NICS checks for persons with a valid Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Bottom line…the number of firearms sold is actually higher.

Remember Everyone Deployed (RED) Friday

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Remember those who are deployed, protecting our nation, and say a prayer for their safe return.


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